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The effect of games and simulations on higher education: a systematic literature review

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Online games subjects 2017

Postby Shakabar В» 16.11.2018


Tools for teaching and learning, parent-teacher communication apps, lesson planning software, home-tutoring websites, revision blogs, SEN education information, professional development qualifications and more. There are so many companies creating new products for education, though, that it can be difficult to keep up - especially with the massive volumes of planning and marking teachers have to do, never mind finding the time to actually teach!

Well, as a team of people passionate about education and learning, we decided to do a bit of research to help you out.

These guys are the real deal - experts in education, teaching and new tech from all over the world from England to India, to New York and San Francisco. If it's just mobile applications you're looking for, check out our 60 best educational apps. Their recommendations include a host of free, paid and free-trial options. Ready to take a look? Twinkl are the educational publishing company that is revolutionising the way teachers work worldwide, with content creators in the UK , US and Australia.

Experienced, passionate teachers have created over half a million lesson plans, classroom activities and teaching tools tailored specifically to you as a teacher to download as and when you need them. Twinkl takes the stress out of lesson planning, giving teachers more free time and significantly fewer headaches! Twinkl are pioneering EdTech in the classroom.

The Twinkl Go! Twinkl are also making exciting strides into the world of augmented reality with their collection of AR education materials. Alternatively, you can try some free teaching resources by creating a free account. As a teacher it can be difficult to create engaging lessons that fully capture the attention of all of your students. Harder still is creating lessons that encourage learning through interactivity and action.

First, Nearpod provide a host of pre-made, fully-interactive lessons developed by subject matter experts for all school levels and subjects. Furthermore, Nearpod allows teachers to import lessons from any file type and begin adding interactive elements, web-links or video snippets to them.

Educators can then synchronise their prepared lessons to all students devices, casting the lesson simultaneously to each student and able to monitor their progress throughout the lesson. Nearpod users have access to Nearpod 3D, providing fully rotatable 3D images to use for teaching, and Nearpod VR , allowing integration with Smartphone VR headsets like Google Cardboard to create virtual field trips for students.

Yogiamo - Yoga Aiding Education. Yogiamo is a UK based company set to launch in The hype surrounding their plans is well worth a mention in this list. Yoga has the power to transform children's mindsets throughout their education - and Yogiamo's mission is to support that.

Join their mailing list for updates and how Yogiamo plans to support schools with the power of yoga through tech along with the free Yogiamo Magazine - where you'll receive a featured yoga position, along with its history and the impact regular practice can have on the mind. Launched in , with the mission to make learning awesome, Kahoot! Displaying the questions and game on a primary display encourages students to use their personal devices only for choosing their answer.

This means group engagement and discussion is promoted throughout the session, creating what the Kahoot! Whether used as an attention grabber at the start of a lesson or a re-energising tactic part way through an intense revision class, Kahoot! Is surely a great tool for any teacher.

Buncee is a creation and presentation tool which supports educators as they foster the 4 Cs of learning in students: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Students are able to engage and immerse themselves in what they are learning, be more engaged with the material, and therefore improve their comprehension. Buncee can be used to develop future-ready skills in students of all abilities.

Students from as young as six and seven years old are using Buncee to create multimedia presentations which demonstrate learning acquisition, critical thinking and creativity, while also communicating stories.

Teachers integrate Buncee as a tool for individualized, differentiated instruction, language learning and special education, as well as lessons and projects for any subject. It is used as a classroom presentation tool for reviewing and introducing content aligned with curriculum standards. Additionally, Buncee is integrated into modes of expressed student learning including alternative book reports, research projects, digital storytelling, project-based learning, passion projects, and genius hour.

With Buncee's easy to use creation canvas making learning fun is just a drag and drop away. Our experts recommended using Buncee for outside-the-box lessons, such as creating digital posters, micro-movies or simple games as a class activity.

Focussing on a different area of EdTech, AdmitHub provides an easily accessible source of expert advice about US college applications - in the form of a friendly online chatbot! AdmitHub are currently ahead of the game and applicable to US students only, but the rise of chatbot tech means we should soon start seeing many more innovative bots within the education sector. Remind is a classroom messaging app that helps teachers, students, and parents communicate quickly and efficiently.

By connecting school communities, Remind makes it easy for everyone to succeed together. Whilst many organisations are starting to embrace technology to communicate with school stakeholders, messages typically end up being split across an array of channels.

Facebook messages, WhatsApp groups, individual text messages or emails - the list goes on. Remind removes the tedious process of remembering which message came from which person on which platform. Contacts can reach each other directly, schedule reminders, include attachments and see read-receipts - all with translation in 70 languages! Remind is a great example of an alternative application of technology to support the wider community involved with schooling and education.

Go Noodle gamifies movement and exercise, getting kids out of their seats and allowing them to be energetic, playful and and active - with a touch of silliness mixed in just for good measure. The platform features hundreds of pre-recorded, custom-created videos designed to get kids moving.

The awesome thing about Go Noodle is how it can be used everywhere. Teachers can use it as an intro exercise to a lesson, a break in the middle of a long class or even as a piece of homework for children to do alongside their siblings or parents at home.

Matific is an award-winning primary maths resource which uses common objects in ordinary settings that children can connect to for a deep understanding of maths. Matific episodes were designed to support each other to allow children to master core maths concepts.

Encouraging children to experiment and play to foster understanding, Matific provides engagement across all year groups. With long term use, children can reconnect with core maths concepts that increase in difficulty and reinforce previously learned skills. It promotes inclusive learning through its platform with the ability to choose the language student's view the activities in - fantastic for EAL students and the visual presence in the activities cater well to special needs students.

Matific provides a library of amazing resources for teaching maths to children age 4 - Resources are split across bite-sized, immersive and interactive applications designed for mobiles and tablets.

Their resources are based entirely on the UK mathematics curriculum, making the apps a perfect companion to standard maths textbooks and activities, or to be used as a standalone pillar around which to plan a lesson.

A recent research paper by Dr. Amongst the various interactive annotation applications available, ThingLink stands apart. Thinglink allows over 70 different tags to be used within content, such as links, videos, maps, images, social media and more.

It even integrates natively with Facebook! With it becoming increasingly more easy to create and VR content using everyday tools like our smartphones, there are very few barriers to entry to begin trialling tools like Thinglink in your lessons.

ThingLink has allow our students to take the traditional "create a poster" project to a whole new level. Book Creator is a simple app for making ebooks on the iPad and soon to be cross-platform.

Red Jumper is the team behind Book Creator. Established in , their mission is to empower the next generation of content creators and improve their educational outcomes. Teachers and educators have the opportunity with Book Creator to develop interactive and evolving teaching resources that can easily be shared with or collaborated on by students. Book Creator is also a great tool for students to explore their creative side and produce a tangible piece of content through their learning.

Potential applications might include creating a portfolio of learning after each lesson, or a homework assignment to create an interactive story or comic book.

After creation, resources can then be shared online with anyone worldwide. Your students could support the learning of students on the other side of the world, or maybe even collaborate with them on a new project! Wakelet is a content curation platform that has quickly become one of the go-to EdTech tools for educators worldwide. It allows you to quickly organise and share handpicked content with your students, set digital assignments, and create stunning portfolios.

The free-to-use platform makes creating interactive collections easy, with the ability to embed videos, social media posts, articles, podcasts, images, notes and everything else. You can change layouts, re-organise content and update collections at any time, which makes it perfect for planning classes and sharing resources. They also have a fantastic browser extension and app, making curation faster and easier than ever before.

Wakelet's main strength is it's ability to let you display any online content in a way that really encourages digital storytelling - something that is becoming increasingly important for educators. As a side-note, upon Storify's demise, educators have been quick to flock to Wakelet as the only real viable alternative.

The platform has attracted big names like Harvard, Cambridge University and many other academic institutions, who have switched to Wakelet to keep curating. They also offer an easy Storify to Wakelet import tool at www. Times Table Rock stars is an online learning platform, engaging primary and secondary school students in daily times tables practice. Its adaptive question generator is cleverly sequenced to provide measurable improvements in times tables recall speeds, increasing confidence and enjoyment in maths.

The animated theme and motivational reward system has captivated pupils, teachers and families alike, resulting in widespread success across the UK. Children can practice by themselves, compete against other students and complete homework assignments tailored to their ability, online or using the mobile application. They thought about filming them but the budget to make real movies with their ideas space aliens, large explosions, monsters destroying whole city quarters would have been too costly.

The only plausible way to capture their ideas was to make simple cartoons. After a week, Piotr had a working proof of concept. It was a simple app for the Mac that displayed a funny face that could be moved around a checkered window, while its movement was recorded. Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard app with real-time collaboration that lets you animate, record, annotate, collaborate, and explore ideas, knowledge and understanding.

Explain Everything provides teachers and students an opportunity to share thinking, reflect upon knowledge building, and assess both products and processes of learning. Quizizz allows you to find amazing quizzes made by other teachers, or create your own quizzes and share them with the world. Start a "Live" game in class, or assign Quizizz as a fun "Homework" task. Teachers can control the competition by toggling the leaderboard, timer and other settings.

Thanks to Quizizz being available on all devices, students play together, but each at their own pace. Gamification elements like avatars, leaderboard and funny memes add to the fun! Each of the following EdTech companies received a single nomination from our education experts, but all of them deserve a mention for being fantastic tools to support teaching, learning and education!

Top 10 Free To Play MMOs 2017, time: 8:04
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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Gardagami В» 16.11.2018

An application of games-based learning within software engineering. The Ardusat Sensor Kit is a great way to get started with basic Arduino programming and learn about sensors. It replaces public social media, websites, emails, blogs, single purpose apps, paper flyers, etc. Reviews by Young et al.

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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Tagami В» 16.11.2018

In some cases, there is inconsistency in 2017 views regarding the integration of online games as a positive learning method Bolliger, Google Scholar Chen, C. The campus wall online students to post questions about housing, purchasing books or finding subjects best places to eat and get answers quickly from the games community. They design fun hands-on toys that interact with engaging learning apps on tablets!

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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Malazil В» 16.11.2018

The suppressed input from peripheral afferents may partly explain this effect [ 25 ]. This review confirms that games and simulations contribute to cognitive learning outcomes, including knowledge acquisition, conceptual application, content understanding, and action-directed learning. Hypothesis 2 was also supported.

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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Kazahn В» 16.11.2018

Review of Online Research, 82 161— Students, teachers and homeschoolers can access premium, ready-to-use 3D models and lesson plans for learning, creating and games their own content. Also, there are limited results on the effect of games on student self-efficacy, with one study demonstrating subjects post-training self-efficacy Sitzmann, Wu, Begley, Zhang, Adebisi, and Simpson [ 26 ] confirmed these findings and lnline that eye blink rates decreased with greater concentration.

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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Negore В» 16.11.2018

Data reveals student preference towards active, collaborative and technology-rich learning via digital games that bring added value to the educational process. Google Scholar Ariffin, M. The instructor selects the setting location for where the students will interact. Nurse Education in Practice, 11 120—

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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Kazizilkree В» 16.11.2018

This review also sheds light on behavioural outcomes of using games in instructional design. A variety games meta-analyses and systematic reviews have examined the implementation of games and simulations in the learning process, either as a main course element or as a supplement to conventional lectures, illustrating the 2017 increasing interest of researchers subjects this field. All participants were twice asked to put on a head mounted device to record eye online.

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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Nagul В» 16.11.2018

Quizizz allows you to find amazing quizzes made by other teachers, or create your own quizzes and share them with the world. A digital game-based learning system energy for energy education: An energy conservation pet. The reviewed articles include data from 99 samples and 20, participants, which is a considerably large grouping.

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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Zulkibei В» 16.11.2018

Thanks to Quizizz being available on all devices, students play together, but each at their own pace. All responses are served back to the educators in a clean and helpful dashboard that helps them lnline overall and individual trends. Wouters et al.

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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Shaktit В» 16.11.2018

They also offer online easy Storify to Wakelet import tool at www. They conclude that gathering feedback post-training, as opposed to during the process, results in higher estimates of self-efficacy and transfer of learning. Established insubjecs mission is onlins empower the next generation of content creators and improve their educational outcomes. Never guess whether or not your videos are 2017 watched. When a person subjects be easily led games influenced by external factors, he or visit web page may find it hard to concentrate on the task.

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Re: online games subjects 2017

Postby Mikara В» 16.11.2018

Used by teachers, students, professionals, and individuals all ages, all around the world, Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate wherever you are. Results show valuable opportunities for effective language learning, confirming that games are beneficial in helping students learn another language. Journal of Management Development, 33 3— Potential applications include using Canva to games resources for the classroom, or asking students to collaborate on online like subjects posters or infographics.

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