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Gambling addiction hotline slurry mix

Postby Kakinos В» 05.07.2019


So I began my journey of finally getting support from others in places like this for compulsive overleveraging in forex markets yesterday The feelings and memories of it are bitter and cyclical. I've gradually widdled down participation but am now faced with making harder. There always seems to be a feeling an image of me feeling emotionally trapped in a dark. Now as I sit here typing I can't help but feel like they're sitting there in the dark I wonder to myself if this is the case for other gamblers I "ride the energy" of the high of having a big.

For me, that voice that says "I need to bet now! The craving hits and says "I'll make you feel better, put that bet on! My own thoughts become distorted rationalizations coming from the voice of the addiction Cut back,.

Change it? You don't really know That open endedness is dangerous, and resquaring myself back in what my real goals are "stop trading! Not forever, just wait one more day Anger and resentment comes to mind as something I haven't fully realized drives so much of my desire to just "put a trade on now" I look at financial markets. There's no "revenge" in that As I notice these feelings I'm becoming more aware of what they lead to and realizing I can choose. Negative emotions don't have to lead to negative actions I can see these destructive feelings and memories even as I type this out And I feel myself thinking "if these emotions can be a trigger for negative behavior, and other people experience the same feelings.

Maybe every time I feel a craving, a self despondency, an anger I can take those emotions as cues to acting constructively Now I expand on these feelings I've shifted and moved myself into productive activities and what do I feel? I'm really excited and feeling that feeling bright and pulsing through me. The feeling itself is great -- what's not great? Is that I remember how often in the past it's feeling so excited like this that happens right before suddenly shifting my focus AWAY from the focused engagement with what felt good healthy activities and onto an inclination to bounce around distracted or place a bet in the markets.

I feel these positive emotions are as much an intensity and part of me as the negative I remember as a kid pushing happier feelings away It's like my own behavior wants to trip itself up in a loop -- "feel sad?

So it's not just negative emotions that generate temptation to place bets or do something that is energetically destructive Am I guilty about feeling happy and enjoying myself in these activities that are actually healthy? Am I so guilty and feel so "wrong" for feeling happy like this that i have to re-route it to something that takes it away when it reaches a certain point? When i reach deeper into my productive passions, i feel happier and happier Tonight I'm going to focus on letting those feelings grow and be a cue to "keep doing" the right things and stay away from what hurts me So it's before bed I've had a great day And in that happiness is again this shift and pull to do something that will bring it down before i go to sleep What might you have missed out on while you haven't been looking at the markets?

And I know those emotions and thoughts are lying It's like my own mind telling me it's "against the rules" that i'm happy Why in the world do I feel this way? Like I'm cheating by honestly enjoying myself and getting my things done It's crazy I can't get that money back But I'm not paralyzed I can move and still do things and get ready for bed I can do all of this myself I don't need that "juice" I have it inside me even though I feel heavy sadness right now So now i'm feeling the impulses I can watch them Hi irock, i can very much relate to almost everything you have written.

It's intersting how we think of revenge with gambling. I mean it's not a person - it's a digital game. I know the feeling of feeling paralyzed by gambling, it's horrid and hard to get out of.

Im prone to procrastinating so with gambling even more so of course which does not get things done and then feeling bad i gambled instead of doing what i was supposed to.

Not long ago I caved and opened up the market screens and felt those "bursty" feelings come back I placed two bets overleveraged and felt the stress and numbness start to creep back I closed out before anything turned into a loss and felt my own consciouness calling me not to step in further My own thoughts that come from that place are stubborn and distorted I'm stepped back away from it now There's always this thought of idealizing a perfect scenario in my favor to "get back just right" Right now I'm taking the time to remind myself that I'm not special with this I don't have the magic keys I'm remembering now what i've tended to do in the past when this happens that pulls me back in Well now there are other things I've had 2 amazing days up to this point and felt like my mind and body were further away from this than they have been before I press the stop button early this time I know I have this one foot in one foot out subconscious feeling inside I've felt the first waves of my other life interests becoming "numb" again I'm stopping and reminding myself that numbness to life interests is a lie I'm going day 3 of reading through my inspirational quotes to guard myself from risk I still have my savings and hang onto most of them My inner visual focus and drive is coming back to what I really care about today I feel that warmth again I'll let the markets stay where they are and get my whole body in motion.

I'm ready to do it now. So as I interact with others and start to shed the layers of the onion inside myself I'm starting to get into motion I'm looking at what I said I would do in the past but rarely if ever did I closed it while it was still in profit.

It's amazing how from doing this my mind grows numb and totally open to spending money on the market gain or loss but gets so tight and hesitant toward spending that money on things that have guaranteed results for example, buy a meal, food to cook with, student loan etc. I feel myself frozen but right now I'm going to break out and do something constructive with my mistake I feel a bit light and fluttery I don't think I've done that before I'm so thankful for these communities I'm watching myself take little steps that I wouldn't have done on my own before I waited too many years before joining Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and accepting environment.

So, share as much or as little as you like but do try to stick to keeping just one thread in this forum so people know where to find you if they want to be updated on your progress or share something with you. PS: Let me just remind you to take a look at our privacy policy and terms and conditions so you know how it all works! There's definitely a sly fake optimism that permeates gambling The real happiness based in things I enjoy outside gambling But I feel the evil behind that crushing weight And I'm breathing that oxygen again now.

The oxygen of knowing I don't need it.

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Re: gambling addiction hotline slurry mix

Postby Fenrijin В» 05.07.2019

Gambling truly is a distortion of betting against yourself in the end I hope to report back here in time to tell you of my success. I see something I need to horline for to complete and finish this is a life thing and I jump the gun or feel that fear of something not finishing

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Re: gambling addiction hotline slurry mix

Postby Akikree В» 05.07.2019

Inspiring to hear that thank you. As I experiment and reflect with what I write about here, I'm suspect that this is simply indeed that form of residual emotional undercurrent that is a hardwired craving for its "homeostasis" It's crazy this web page high leverage is felt as a "need"

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Re: gambling addiction hotline slurry mix

Postby Malanos В» 05.07.2019

Anyway this just a curious exploration of mine Anyways, keep up the good work and remember, it's all about one day at a time :. The struggle in this sense becomes a script.

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